You can only connect the dots looking backward and when the members of ‘Arjun – The Band’ look in the retrospective, they know that music for them was beyond a hobby or a part-time passion, it was a way to create something that will outlive them and be remembered forever. 

Baptized in the freezing Delhi winters of the year 2008, the band is a duo of innate music lovers – Arjun Singh Rawal (Vocals/Lead Guitar),  and Varun Arora (drums).  With absolutely varied prodigal musical talents, the band has taken a road less travelled to making music and today they compose music for everyone from metal-heads to Hindi/Sufi music aficionados. 

Much like like other musicians, they started small, jamming in each other’s pads and trying to juggle expectations of family, work and their commitment to music. And finally they made it big in 2011-12 when they took the podium at some prolific talents hunts including AIESEC Youth Carnival, Channel [V] launch Pad India Fest and Airtel Marathon Rockers. It was also in 2012, when the band was featured in the city edition of Hindustan Times, a leading Indian news daily.

Today the band members are working professionals but they never cease to find time to enthrall audience at local or large-stage gigs. From an unapologetic irreverent composition titled 'Beer Pong' to a mesmerizingly soulful 'Khyalo Main', the band loves creating lyrical compositions that match the doubts, passions, voice and synergies of today’s generation. To sum up their ever growing love for music and melodies, the lead guitarist of the band says - ‘Music is like energy, it never dies, just transforms from one song to another!’